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Say Goodbye to the Burn of Fire Ant Bites in Myrtle Beach

Fire ants are a menace here in the Carolinas. They feed on young plants and seeds, like open spaces, and nest in the soil, near river banks, creek beds, pond edges and other moist areas including your watered lawn! They can create mounds that destroy the beauty of a well-kept yard, but even worse an accidental step into one of these mounds can be painful and dangerous. Mosquito Squad of Grand Strand has the plan that you need to protect your yard and family from this nuisance. We can abate fire ants from your yard, guaranteed for a full 12 months!

Myrtle Beach Fire Ants

There are 280 species and subspecies of fire ants, (stinging ants of the genus Solenopsis ), worldwide. Other ant species bite and then spray an acid into the wound, however, fire ants only bite to get a grip and they then sting (from the abdomen) and inject a toxic alkaloid venom. The name Fire ant comes from that very painful sting — and the after effects of the sting can be deadly to those allergic or sensitive to the venom. Fire ants become very aggressive when their mounds are disturbed. They become angry and attack the intruders. This can be very dangerous for our household pets and could even kill the smaller breeds. Not only could this affect your pets, but can be a worse issue if you have small children running around your back yard.

At Mosquito Squad of Grand Strand we have good news. Our fire ant control product protects year round. One application works for 12 months. We can come apply this granulated treatment at any time during the year and we guarantee it for 12 months after application. Contact us today to protect you & your family from this painful backyard threat. (843) 492 – 0925

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