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Myrtle Beach Mosquito Misting System Service

Continuous mosquito control in Myrtle Beach can be yours with an automatic mosquito misting system. At Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand, we install, service and repair mosquito misting systems across the Myrtle Beach area.

Automatic Mosquito Misting System Installation

Besides the continuous mosquito control, the best part of the Myrtle Beach mosquito misting system is that it is customized for you. Our mosquito misting systems consist of nylon tubing easily hidden in your landscape, corrosion resistant stainless steel nozzles and a top quality tank and pump for holding and dispersing mosquito spray. We’ll custom design your misting system to meet your unique property and lifestyle needs. We’ll also program your system to spray automatically during times that are convenient for you and most effective for controlling mosquitoes on your property. Our mosquito misting system’s programming can be easily adjusted anytime and even comes with a remote for manual spraying if you need it.

Mosquito Misting System Maintenance & Repair

Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand will automatically refill your system with product, service your system and winterize it each year. We also provide service, refills, repairs and maintenance to mosquito misting systems that were installed by others. If you have an older automatic mosquito misting system that needs some maintenance and an adjustment or refill, call today, we’ll be happy to service any mosquito misting system.

Myrtle Beach automatic mosquito misting systems by Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand eliminates mosquitoes on contact. The system effectively eliminates more than 90% of the mosquitoes on your property and is perfect for marshy, wooded lots, horse stables and recreational areas that require added mosquito control or present a more challenging mosquito control situation. If your Myrtle Beach property could use continuous mosquito control, call today. (843) 492 – 0925

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